Choosing The Best Wood For Your Wooden Furniture Is Now Easier

Wooden Furniture

Choosing The Best Wood For Your Wooden Furniture Is Now Easier

If you plan to furnish your home, buy some new furniture. Though it is quite easy to find a reputable wooden furniture manufacturer in Kolkata, choosing the right wood variety for them is challenging. The best you can do is discuss the furniture’s usage and budget with the manufacturer, suggesting the right wood variety. The quality and durability of the furniture largely depend on the type of wood you are choosing. In other words, different types of wood affect the price and quality of the furniture, so choosing the right material is a must.

What Is Softwood That Used In Wooden Furniture?

As the name suggests, softwood is less dense than hardwood. Its source is coniferous trees. These trees grow very quickly, so the bark is less dense. A few of the common types of softwood used to manufacture furniture are pine, fir, and spruce. The material is cheaper and easier to work with. They render a rustic look to the furniture. If you are not sure whether softwood is suitable for making furniture, get in touch with the furniture experts at Bosky Furniture.

What Is Hardwood For Wooden Furniture?

Hardwood is denser than softwood. Its source is deciduous trees. They take a long time to grow, so the wood is denser. It is one of the most common types of wood used to manufacture high-quality wooden furniture. Few of the common types of hardwood used to make furniture are Hickory, Oak, Beech, Walnut, Mahogany, and Teak. The furniture is more durable as hardwood has a more complex grain structure than softwood.

Wooden Furniture

4 Common Types Of Wood Used To Make Wooden Furniture


Furniture made using maple is both gorgeous and durable. It is not only about furniture; maple is also used to make kitchen-cutting boards as the material is non-toxic. Every type of maple has a different grain pattern.


According to some manufacturers, it is considered the ideal wood variety for furniture, as teak is durable and fire-resistant. One of the interesting characteristics of this wood variety is that it looks attractive after polishing.


It is a traditional wood variety widely used to make furniture. Not only is it beautiful, but it also possesses the strength of oak. When compared with other wood varieties, mahogany is lighter in weight. It is reddish-brown. Genuine mahogany is found in Latin America and is a bit expensive. It has beautiful, rich, and varied patterns which render the furniture a romantic look.

Cherry Wood

Cheery wood projects a rich look as the wood darkens over time. Being comparatively harder, it is resistant to dents and scratches. Most people prefer cherry wood furniture because of its unique color. The material is non-toxic and safe.

It is time to choose a suitable wood variety and visit Bosky Furniture for high-quality wooden furniture.


Why Your Home Must Have Wooden Furniture?

Wooden Furniture

Why Your Home Must Have Wooden Furniture?

When it comes to decorating your home, you should choose something trendy with a signature style. Your home decor must have a perfect blend of your bespoke aesthetical and modern styles to get a perfect look. The same rules apply to wooden furniture. When you choose wooden furniture for your home, you should opt for something fashionable with unique designs.

There are lots of advantages of buying stylish wooden furniture sets for homes. If their elegance can be considered one major reason, you should not ignore the functionality point.

Though nowadays you can see various other materials to create stylish and gorgeous furniture items, the appeal of solid wood will never fade away. This is why customers still visit their local solid wood furniture stores or online shops to buy these products.

Benefits of Buying Wood Furniture

Wooden Furniture Look Gorgeous

When it comes to appearance, nothing can beat wood furniture. Be it the style, elegance, color, or appearance – everything seems perfect. Whether you buy a big wooden bed or a wooden sofa, they look stunning because of the perfect finish and exclusive carpentry.

Wooden Furniture

Give a New Look and Feel

With a gorgeous wooden sofa, you can obtain a fresh look and feel for your living room. Your study can look more stylish when you buy a new chair made of solid wood for this room. You can change the appearance and appeal of a room with the right kind of wooden furniture.

Wooden Furniture Highly Functional

Wooden furniture items not only look gorgeous, but with the help of modern carpentry services, they can be highly functional too. You can get products with a unique style that will match your lifestyle and daily needs. From cupboards to study tables, the functionality of these products is quite fascinating for the buyers.

Get Bespoke Style

If you are looking for something bespoke for your home, you can get them easily. A top solid wood furniture manufacturer can provide clients with customized pieces to fulfill their specific requirements and budget.

Durability at Its Best

When comparing the durability and efficiency of a wooden piece or steel or other materials, wood will always be the winner. They last for long periods, almost an entire lifetime of a person. You can see solid wood furniture in your house for generation after generation.

Easy to Maintain

With regular dusting and occasional polishing, you can keep your wooden furniture sets gorgeous. They can shine after every polish, which is not possible with other materials. Hence, you can easily maintain the shine and elegance of your wooden table or chairs without any hassle.

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