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Know 4 Principles of Interior Design before Conducting a Renovation

The reason it is important for you to know certain principles of Interior Design is so that you can integrate your knowledge into your interior design scheme and contribute more fruitfully to the creation of your dream home. A well designed interior augments the visual aesthetics as well as the resale value of your property. Read the following points to know about the basic principles of interior design.

4 Principles: Interior Design in Kolkata

1. Equilibrium

Equilibrium or balance refers to the creation of a visual synchronization in the space that is being worked on, by making sure that the elements constituting the space are distributed evenly. Balance lends your space a sense of symmetry; it can be derived in several forms: for example, with shapes, patterns, colours and textures.

There are three common ways to establish a balance while doing up an interior space. First, there is symmetrical balance, which involves placing objects symmetrically on the two sides of an imaginary central axis. Next, we have asymmetrical balance, which while aligning the visual focus with an imaginary central axis, allows the placement of dissimilar or oddly numbered items. Asymmetrical balance usually imparts a more vigorous and natural vibe. Finally, there is radial balance, which comprises arranging objects in a circle around a central focal point, such as a round dining table or a chandelier.

2. Accord

Accord or the Principle of Unity refers to the desired uniformity or harmony among the elements used in a design. Factors that can contribute to achieving accord or harmony include the use of similar colours, patterns or textures, precise and equal spacing of objects and design elements, and the repetition of these elements to create an optical continuation. Simply put, when objects are vigilantly curated, the viewer gets a sense that the entire design comes together seamlessly. For instance, if your space uses disparate items in a variety of shapes and textures that tug viewers in different directions, unity can still be achieved by, say, the use of a single colour scheme over the large area.

3. Rhythm

Creating a sense of repetition and contrast in an interior leads viewers in a trip of sustained visual interest. There are various ways to instil rhythm, such as using the same pattern or colour in distinct intervals. This is called a repetition rhythm. Rhythms can also be introduced by alternating the use of certain design elements in a manner that can be recognised by the viewer.

4. Accent

This principle, also referred to as Emphasis, posits that every living space should have a central element as a focal point, and all the other peripheral items should complement or cast focus on that central object, which could be a piece of furniture like a piano or a painting or even an accent wall.

Reading this blog would have helped you better comprehend some of the elements at play as you consider conducting a renovation of your home or office space. To accomplish a flawless job within your budget, consult us at Bosky Furniture.


Why Modular Kitchen Designs are the Latest Trend in Home Decor in Kolkata?

A modular kitchen is a contemporary concept of a kitchen design that comprises drawers, cabinets, and shelves in an organised manner to save space. This type of kitchen can add extra beauty to your house. Not only for the beautiful look, but it also gives you a safe and secure kitchen. It’s easy to handle and maintain. Currently, these kitchen designs are considered to be the latest trend in home decor. It makes cooking a fun-filled rather than a boring experience.

Amazing Concept of Modular Kitchen Designs –

In the market, there are various modular kitchens available. Different types of shapes, colours and sizes are available. All accessories are made for individuals. The size depends on the house’s capacity for available space. Make your kitchen organised and well settled. In a modular kitchen, a chimney is a primary need. This reduces smoke and excessive gas in your kitchen. Keep the aesthetics of your house intact with such a unique style. Also, considering modular kitchen embraces advanced technology, a microwave is a must-have applicant. Its plays a vital role in reducing workload in the kitchen.

The modular design aims to keep the kitchen hassle-free. Therefore, it’s built with efficient cooking tools such as multiple burners, toaster ovens, micro ovens, etc. Also, give easy access to all your kitchen accessories. It’s very convenient. All are made with good quality accessories and low maintenance features.

Create Your Own Design –

Make them as per your wish. There are many kinds of modular kitchens available in the market. Different types of colours and shapes are available. But every kitchen is unique in its own way. All sizes and shapes are different; that’s why you should create your own design as per your need which suits your kitchen and turns its beauty on.

Why Choose Modular Kitchen-

Features and benefits are discussed below –

1. Organised and structured – The most primary and vital role is well organised. It should be structured properly.

2. Cost-Effective– All used accessories’ quality is good. It gives durability. Make your maintenance cost-effective.
The kitchen needs upgrades, too- Kitchen needs upgrades for a unique classy look and makes the user experience easy.

3. Quality of materials– Using good quality products gives durability and guarantee. It’s not easily repairable or replaceable.

4. Safe and secure – It is safe and secure for your house. And keep this area healthy.

5. Trustworthiness – When it comes up to trust, they are the best. They can give a warranty on their work. All their consent is about customer satisfaction. Customers’ choice is their first priority.

6. Extremely Durable-It’s the main reason to choose a modular kitchen for your home to get something sustainable. It’s made with extremely durable materials that keep the product same for a long time period.

You can reach Bosky Furniture to get the best modular kitchen in Kolkata. They are popular as a trusted interior designer. Please get in touch with us.