Is Modular Kitchen Good for Small Spaces?

When it comes to designing the layout of a kitchen for a small apartment or house, things become tougher than usual. Smaller spaces have many issues apart from the limitation of the space that can be used to place various kitchen appliances and cabinets. But you can solve this problem with the help of professional modular kitchen experts.

These professionals can design and install modular kitchens at competitive prices according to your requirements for your small home.

Try These Five Tricks for Small Modular Kitchens

L-Shaped Layout

This is the ideal layout design for kitchens with limited space. Two adjoining walls are required for this. These walls must be located at a 90-degree angle from each other. This will allow you to have more flooring space when multiple people use the kitchen at the same time.

Golden Triangle

This particular layout works well with both L-shaped and parallel kitchen designs. The fridge, sink, and oven must be settled within the lines of a triangle to create that golden triangle layout. This will ensure the convenience of using these three most imperative elements in a kitchen within the available space. Even if two people are working together in the kitchen, there is hardly any chance of getting bumped when this golden triangle rule is followed in your modular kitchen layout.

Consider Higher Cabinets

Kitchen objects that you do not use regularly can be kept inside cabinets installed at a height in your kitchen. Ceiling-high cabinets are not only amazing in terms of design, but they are also excellent at saving floor space.

Consider Modular Kitchen

Even if you have plenty of space in your kitchen, modular storage is something you should not ignore. It will not only save space but help you to avoid storage malfunctions inside your kitchen. The objective of modular storage design is to use the maximum space to store the maximum number of objects.

Keep it Bright

Even a small space can be looked spacious and large when you have enough light. So, install large windows and brighter electric lights to keep the modular kitchen airy and brighter to create an illusion of space.

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Useful Tips to Get the Perfect Layout for Your Modular Kitchen

Why Install a Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchens are a perfect way to make your cooking space aesthetic and functional. You can find different types of layouts and designs for the kitchen. Consider communicating with your interior designer to get the perfect layout. For starters, you should consider the whole area of the kitchen layout as a work triangle.

How to Get the Perfect Layout of A Modular Kitchen:

There are a few tips you must consider getting a more ergonomic modular kitchen design. These are discussed in the following section in detail.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

When designing a modular kitchen, many tend to overlook the factor of ventilation. It is a vital requirement that can help keep the original aesthetics of the kitchen space. A proper ventilation system will help you breathe comfortably during cooking. It will also keep your kitchen dry by sucking out oil, grease, combustion fume and heat.

Expand Worktop Space

The worktop is the most vital part of your kitchen. It acts as the space to keep different appliances and cookware. So, you need to maximise the worktop space. Plan the worktop layout carefully with your interior designer’s assistance. Provide separate units for different kitchen appliances like the microwave oven or refrigerator.

Arrange Proper Lighting

Lighting arrangement is one of the vital requirements of a modular kitchen. One of the perfect options is to install adjustable dimmable lights. The homeowners opt for creative lighting solutions, like pendant lights, strip LED or cupboard lights. Adding these will change the theme of the kitchen and make it a great place for socialising.

Right Colour Combination

The appearance and theme of the kitchen depend largely on its colour combination. The shades and the scheme of a particular colour also affect the entry of natural light. The lighter the shade is, the more prominent the kitchen will become.

To make the kitchen space more interactive, you should get help from a well-known interior decorator. Consider contacting Bosky Furniture & Modular Kitchen. We are among the leading names in designing modular kitchens for different properties. For more details, one can visit our website today



6 Tips on Home Decoration that Every Home Needs

While finishing a room, we generally need to ensure we take care of fundamental rudiments from furniture like lounge chairs and footstools to materials like floor coverings and draperies and more modest components like plants and candles. We accept these six stylistic layout highlights are important to rejuvenate a room and cause it to feel like it’s yours.

Unique Furniture

One of the most needed things for your house is furniture. The right furniture can change your home ambience. It shows your personality. Your home should reflect who lives there, so try to highlight your hobbies, interests, or travels through a pattern of your home decoration. Beautiful art doesn’t have to be expensive. Before making any decision, visit the furniture market that will help you.

A Pop of Color

All-white or every single beige room, while surely quiet, can feel clean and dormant sometimes. Monochromatic plans are fine; however, infusing a little energy for various pops on frills or even a whole cupboard plot in your kitchen could be smart.

Plants, Flowers, and Succulents

Trees also add brilliant level and life to a room. On the other hand, fake houseplants can likewise look exceptionally sensible. However, they can be costly.
New cut blossoms are another road and can endure as long as about fourteen days if you care for them appropriately. A little jar of blossoms on the kitchen counter or footstool or a houseplant or two by a bright window quickly causes a spot to feel homier.

Layers of Texture

To hold a room back from feeling level and homogeneous, take a stab at getting the surface through bushels, tosses, and carpets. These components add a layer of interest and cleanliness to any room or space. On the off chance that your couch has incredible pads yet at the same time appears to be excluded, a toss can have an effect.

In like manner, layering a toss on the finish of a bed — in a differentiating tone or material texture like fake fur or weaved cloth — can integrate everything. At last, if you like monochromatic rooms, the surface can be an extraordinary method for adding interest without veering off from your range.

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3 Practical Tips to Choose Contemporary Furniture for Your Home

Furniture is something that narrates the story of a space. Choosing the right furniture items is always important for your bedroom or living room. The demand for contemporary furniture has rapidly increased over the past few decades. However, with such a vast range of options available in the furniture market in Kolkata, you might find it difficult to pick the most appropriate products for your home.

3 Tips for choosing the right modern furniture items

Here are the tips to follow to make the right decision on choosing modern furniture for your home’s interiors.

Define your needs

It’s always important to list your specific needs before going to the market. Spend some time in each of the rooms to decide on the type of furniture you need. Also, set your budget beforehand so that you look for budget-friendly options from the beginning of your search process. This will help you to choose the right items without spending much time.

Take the right measurements

It is important to measure the space or room where you want to place the newly bought furniture items. Having an idea about the size of the room will allow you to choose the furniture accordingly, such that they fit in your home properly.

Look for the right design and colour options

The furniture items you buy should always be in sync with the room in terms of design and colour. You can also mix and match the colour of the furniture with the room to create a contrasting feel. Hence, you must invest sufficient time in going through the different colour options trending in the market and make a choice accordingly.

Offering a modern appeal to the home is what most of us try to do these days. And considering the points mentioned above will make it easier for you to make the right purchase decision.

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Try these Budget Friendly Tips to Design a Modular Kitchen

Budget is one of the main factors for interior design. A homeowner searches for every possible avenue to make their home decorative without burning a hole in the pocket. Along with them living space and bedrooms, they have to give more attention to decorating other spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Need for a Modular Kitchen:

A kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in a home. So, while decorating the space, one has to take utmost care in making it functional. A conversation with a qualified interior decorator can help foster smart planning and designing, which can help to revamp the kitchen interiors without extending the budget.

Designing Modular Kitchen in a Limited Budget:

There are various elements of designing a modular kitchen within a limited budget. Those are discussed below in detail.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen: This is one of the basic layouts of a kitchen, which is highly functional and space-saving. It gives the homeowner a lot of space to place different installations, like cabinets, countertops and utensil shelves. Even after so many installations, there would be enough space for other units. These include refrigerators, microwaves and chimneys.
  • Flooring Options: The flooring treatment of the kitchen must be done in a way that reflects the space’s original style. Vinyl is one of the most inexpensive flooring materials. One can switch to this option if they find tile or mosaic flooring too expensive. The
    flooring material should be easy to maintain so that it does not burn a hole in the pocket of the homeowner.
  • Straight Layouts: While decorating a modular kitchen, the size is one of the most important factors. One can utilise the space even in a straight layout. Proper planning is needed to cater spaces for standard installations like shelves, kitchen units and countertops. For decorating the walls, the homeowner can try laminates and edge handles.
  •  L-Shaped Kitchen: For a budget-friendly interior decoration of the kitchen, it is highly important to utilise the space. The available spaces should be decorated in a way that doesn’t look cluttered. An L-shaped kitchen is one of the best ways to obtain that goal.
    One can try different open box shelves, which are economical ways of making the kitchen more functional. For quality finishes, the surfaces can be laminated.

These are some useful advice on decorating a kitchen interior within a limited budget. To get assistance from professionals in this field, one can communicate with Bosky Furniture. We are a leading name in Kolkata that can provide quality solutions in decorating kitchen interiors at the best price. For more information, you can communicate with us today.


Top Furniture Ideas for an Ideal Work from Home Setup

In the new normal, working from home has become an important aspect. Most professionals have set up their own workspace in a quaint corner of their house. Many believe that working from home enhances productivity and pace of work.

Importance of Furniture in Work From Home:

One of the important factors in decorating a home office is choosing the right furniture. When setting up a professional space inside their home, they should be careful in choosing the tables, chairs and shelves. Proper addition of furniture will help the space look more organised, compact and professional.
Work From Home Furniture You Cannot Miss:
Here is some top work-from-home furniture that you should definitely have. These can be easily found at the furniture market in Kolkata.

  • Ergonomic Chairs: An ergonomic chair is a perfect addition to a home office setup. The chair can maintain your posture and offer you comfortable seating. These are generally made by using multiple materials, including metal and polyamide. You can easily adjust your seating height and move here and there easily through its revolving features.
  • Desks: Gone are the days when desks took a substantial space inside the room. Nowadays, work desks have become much more compact and functional. Buy one which gives you ample space even after placing your laptop or PC. You can also buy a desk with multiple shelves. These can provide easy access to reference materials like books, folders and portfolios.
  • Wall Mounted Storage Unit: This can add some variety to your home office. The furniture can also eliminate the mundane design and colours of the space. Wall-mounted units are the best option for keeping various items. You can place books and other documents and spruce up the style with decorative items. It is a worthy investment that offers you additional space.
  • Dedicated Table for Computer: If you already have a bookshelf in your room, you can save money by buying a table. You only have to buy a dedicated table to keep your computer or laptop. This will be much more economical and consume lesser space than a compact work desk. You can also invest in wall-mounted foldable tables if your home office is built in a limited space.

To buy the furniture mentioned above, one should browse the most reputable names in the furniture market in Kolkata. One can get in touch with Bosky Furniture, a well-known name for providing quality, contemporary furniture. We can offer you different furniture that can suit the mood and decor of your home office setup. Visit our website to know more.

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Know 4 Principles of Interior Design before Conducting a Renovation

The reason it is important for you to know certain principles of Interior Design is so that you can integrate your knowledge into your interior design scheme and contribute more fruitfully to the creation of your dream home. A well designed interior augments the visual aesthetics as well as the resale value of your property. Read the following points to know about the basic principles of interior design.

4 Principles: Interior Design in Kolkata

1. Equilibrium

Equilibrium or balance refers to the creation of a visual synchronization in the space that is being worked on, by making sure that the elements constituting the space are distributed evenly. Balance lends your space a sense of symmetry; it can be derived in several forms: for example, with shapes, patterns, colours and textures.

There are three common ways to establish a balance while doing up an interior space. First, there is symmetrical balance, which involves placing objects symmetrically on the two sides of an imaginary central axis. Next, we have asymmetrical balance, which while aligning the visual focus with an imaginary central axis, allows the placement of dissimilar or oddly numbered items. Asymmetrical balance usually imparts a more vigorous and natural vibe. Finally, there is radial balance, which comprises arranging objects in a circle around a central focal point, such as a round dining table or a chandelier.

2. Accord

Accord or the Principle of Unity refers to the desired uniformity or harmony among the elements used in a design. Factors that can contribute to achieving accord or harmony include the use of similar colours, patterns or textures, precise and equal spacing of objects and design elements, and the repetition of these elements to create an optical continuation. Simply put, when objects are vigilantly curated, the viewer gets a sense that the entire design comes together seamlessly. For instance, if your space uses disparate items in a variety of shapes and textures that tug viewers in different directions, unity can still be achieved by, say, the use of a single colour scheme over the large area.

3. Rhythm

Creating a sense of repetition and contrast in an interior leads viewers in a trip of sustained visual interest. There are various ways to instil rhythm, such as using the same pattern or colour in distinct intervals. This is called a repetition rhythm. Rhythms can also be introduced by alternating the use of certain design elements in a manner that can be recognised by the viewer.

4. Accent

This principle, also referred to as Emphasis, posits that every living space should have a central element as a focal point, and all the other peripheral items should complement or cast focus on that central object, which could be a piece of furniture like a piano or a painting or even an accent wall.

Reading this blog would have helped you better comprehend some of the elements at play as you consider conducting a renovation of your home or office space. To accomplish a flawless job within your budget, consult us at Bosky Furniture.


Why Modular Kitchen Designs are the Latest Trend in Home Decor in Kolkata?

A modular kitchen is a contemporary concept of a kitchen design that comprises drawers, cabinets, and shelves in an organised manner to save space. This type of kitchen can add extra beauty to your house. Not only for the beautiful look, but it also gives you a safe and secure kitchen. It’s easy to handle and maintain. Currently, these kitchen designs are considered to be the latest trend in home decor. It makes cooking a fun-filled rather than a boring experience.

Amazing Concept of Modular Kitchen Designs –

In the market, there are various modular kitchens available. Different types of shapes, colours and sizes are available. All accessories are made for individuals. The size depends on the house’s capacity for available space. Make your kitchen organised and well settled. In a modular kitchen, a chimney is a primary need. This reduces smoke and excessive gas in your kitchen. Keep the aesthetics of your house intact with such a unique style. Also, considering modular kitchen embraces advanced technology, a microwave is a must-have applicant. Its plays a vital role in reducing workload in the kitchen.

The modular design aims to keep the kitchen hassle-free. Therefore, it’s built with efficient cooking tools such as multiple burners, toaster ovens, micro ovens, etc. Also, give easy access to all your kitchen accessories. It’s very convenient. All are made with good quality accessories and low maintenance features.

Create Your Own Design –

Make them as per your wish. There are many kinds of modular kitchens available in the market. Different types of colours and shapes are available. But every kitchen is unique in its own way. All sizes and shapes are different; that’s why you should create your own design as per your need which suits your kitchen and turns its beauty on.

Why Choose Modular Kitchen-

Features and benefits are discussed below –

1. Organised and structured – The most primary and vital role is well organised. It should be structured properly.

2. Cost-Effective– All used accessories’ quality is good. It gives durability. Make your maintenance cost-effective.
The kitchen needs upgrades, too- Kitchen needs upgrades for a unique classy look and makes the user experience easy.

3. Quality of materials– Using good quality products gives durability and guarantee. It’s not easily repairable or replaceable.

4. Safe and secure – It is safe and secure for your house. And keep this area healthy.

5. Trustworthiness – When it comes up to trust, they are the best. They can give a warranty on their work. All their consent is about customer satisfaction. Customers’ choice is their first priority.

6. Extremely Durable-It’s the main reason to choose a modular kitchen for your home to get something sustainable. It’s made with extremely durable materials that keep the product same for a long time period.

You can reach Bosky Furniture to get the best modular kitchen in Kolkata. They are popular as a trusted interior designer. Please get in touch with us.

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Top 4 Signs Telling You to Upgrade Your Living Room

The living room is the most interactive space in your house. It is the space where you catch up with your visitors. Selecting quality furniture for your living room is important. It is a controlling factor in setting the room’s vibe.

Why Upgrade Furniture:

Upgrading the furniture can give a refreshing look to your living room. Its aesthetic factor can be highly affected by damaged or outdated pieces of furniture. It is important to check the telltale signs to upgrade your living room as a homeowner.

When to Upgrade Your Living Room Look?

Here are some important signs regarding your living room’s looks that you should definitely note. If you relate to these conditions, get help from well known interior designers in Kolkata.

  • You Didn’t Buy Furniture Recently: Indeed, homeowners do not buy furniture frequently. It is an important investment that costs a lot of money. However, it is important to buy good furniture at a regular interval. The furniture which went out of fashion long ago makes your room look redundant and dull. If you are not planning to buy new furniture, you can freshen the room’s appearance with quality accessories.
  • Your furniture hurts: If you feel pain in your spine each time you sit to watch TV, you definitely need to change the furniture. With years of use, the materials of the furniture can get damaged. It will no longer be comfortable to use. Besides, improper sitting can cause different health problems. To eliminate all these problems, you need to change the accessories and furniture.
  • The Living Room Looks Outdated: This problem can happen if you refurbish your home to a contemporary design. The classical heavy furniture may be a misfit for the modern styled rooms. If you don’t want to get rid of the old furniture, you can apply a classical look. However, it is advisable to change them if they have become damaged.
  • You Host Guests in Other Rooms: Most homeowners prefer to interact with their guests in the living room. However, you may want them to sit at other places for the condition of the furniture and accessories. This is a prominent sign to replace your current furniture immediately.

These signs can alert you to change the furniture and accessories of your home. To get an expert’s opinion on refurbishing your living room decor, connect with reputed interior designers in Kolkata. Consult Bosky Furniture to get the best collection of furniture. We are a source who can reboot the look of your rooms within your budget. Visit our website for more details.

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Know The Right Way to Choose Designer Kitchen Cabinets


Know The Right Way to Choose Designer Kitchen Cabinets

Good design and modern accessories are some dominant forces in a modular kitchen. One cannot imagine a modern kitchen design without cabinets. They are extremely beneficial to have in a kitchen as they can store different items.

Importance of Kitchen Cabinets:

While decorating the kitchen, you should give importance to choosing the cabinets. There are several designs and materials that you can try. It is important to select kitchen cabinets that match the theme of a modular setup.

Tips to Select the Right Kitchen Cabinets

If you find it challenging to select the perfect kitchen cabinet, we can help you. In this blog, you can find a number of tips to select the right cabinets. It can help you to set up a modular kitchen in Kolkata. Choosing the right cabinet can ease your organizing work in the kitchen and enhance the aesthetics.

1.Sort Your Appliances: Sorting out the most used appliances is an important step. You should find out the utensils and the kitchen appliances that you use the most. Instruct the designer about the size of your appliances. They can make a kitchen cabinet according to your requirements. Do not clutter your kitchen with many cabinets if you use the same utensils for day to day cooking.

2.Choose Your Theme: Kitchen cabinets can be found in every design. You need to choose one that matches your personal taste. Make sure that the cabinet’s design matches the theme of your interiors. Studying the trends of modern kitchen cabinet designs will be useful before selecting one.

3.Utilize the Space: Kitchen cabinets can take up several appliances and utensils. So it is a great way to utilize the space. Establishing cabinets over the sink or countertop may be a great idea. You can organize a lot of things within a limited space. As a result, your kitchen will wear a dashing look. Before briefing your designers, you should measure the available space.

4.Choose between Drawers and Cabinets: It is a dilemma that most homeowners face. The modern kitchen cabinets often come with drawers to facilitate storage. You should keep in mind that drawers are more expensive than cabinets. Maintaining the drawers is also a bit more challenging than the cabinets. You should make a choice between drawers and cabinets and explain it to the designer.

To get durable kitchen cabinets from an expert source, contact Boskey Furniture. You can get the best assistance to create a modular kitchen in Kolkata. We enjoy a reputation among our clients for our fine craftsmanship.