Choosing The Best Wood For Your Wooden Furniture Is Now Easier

Wooden Furniture

Choosing The Best Wood For Your Wooden Furniture Is Now Easier

If you plan to furnish your home, buy some new furniture. Though it is quite easy to find a reputable wooden furniture manufacturer in Kolkata, choosing the right wood variety for them is challenging. The best you can do is discuss the furniture’s usage and budget with the manufacturer, suggesting the right wood variety. The quality and durability of the furniture largely depend on the type of wood you are choosing. In other words, different types of wood affect the price and quality of the furniture, so choosing the right material is a must.

What Is Softwood That Used In Wooden Furniture?

As the name suggests, softwood is less dense than hardwood. Its source is coniferous trees. These trees grow very quickly, so the bark is less dense. A few of the common types of softwood used to manufacture furniture are pine, fir, and spruce. The material is cheaper and easier to work with. They render a rustic look to the furniture. If you are not sure whether softwood is suitable for making furniture, get in touch with the furniture experts at Bosky Furniture.

What Is Hardwood For Wooden Furniture?

Hardwood is denser than softwood. Its source is deciduous trees. They take a long time to grow, so the wood is denser. It is one of the most common types of wood used to manufacture high-quality wooden furniture. Few of the common types of hardwood used to make furniture are Hickory, Oak, Beech, Walnut, Mahogany, and Teak. The furniture is more durable as hardwood has a more complex grain structure than softwood.

Wooden Furniture

4 Common Types Of Wood Used To Make Wooden Furniture


Furniture made using maple is both gorgeous and durable. It is not only about furniture; maple is also used to make kitchen-cutting boards as the material is non-toxic. Every type of maple has a different grain pattern.


According to some manufacturers, it is considered the ideal wood variety for furniture, as teak is durable and fire-resistant. One of the interesting characteristics of this wood variety is that it looks attractive after polishing.


It is a traditional wood variety widely used to make furniture. Not only is it beautiful, but it also possesses the strength of oak. When compared with other wood varieties, mahogany is lighter in weight. It is reddish-brown. Genuine mahogany is found in Latin America and is a bit expensive. It has beautiful, rich, and varied patterns which render the furniture a romantic look.

Cherry Wood

Cheery wood projects a rich look as the wood darkens over time. Being comparatively harder, it is resistant to dents and scratches. Most people prefer cherry wood furniture because of its unique color. The material is non-toxic and safe.

It is time to choose a suitable wood variety and visit Bosky Furniture for high-quality wooden furniture.


Why Your Home Must Have Wooden Furniture?

Wooden Furniture

Why Your Home Must Have Wooden Furniture?

When it comes to decorating your home, you should choose something trendy with a signature style. Your home decor must have a perfect blend of your bespoke aesthetical and modern styles to get a perfect look. The same rules apply to wooden furniture. When you choose wooden furniture for your home, you should opt for something fashionable with unique designs.

There are lots of advantages of buying stylish wooden furniture sets for homes. If their elegance can be considered one major reason, you should not ignore the functionality point.

Though nowadays you can see various other materials to create stylish and gorgeous furniture items, the appeal of solid wood will never fade away. This is why customers still visit their local solid wood furniture stores or online shops to buy these products.

Benefits of Buying Wood Furniture

Wooden Furniture Look Gorgeous

When it comes to appearance, nothing can beat wood furniture. Be it the style, elegance, color, or appearance – everything seems perfect. Whether you buy a big wooden bed or a wooden sofa, they look stunning because of the perfect finish and exclusive carpentry.

Wooden Furniture

Give a New Look and Feel

With a gorgeous wooden sofa, you can obtain a fresh look and feel for your living room. Your study can look more stylish when you buy a new chair made of solid wood for this room. You can change the appearance and appeal of a room with the right kind of wooden furniture.

Wooden Furniture Highly Functional

Wooden furniture items not only look gorgeous, but with the help of modern carpentry services, they can be highly functional too. You can get products with a unique style that will match your lifestyle and daily needs. From cupboards to study tables, the functionality of these products is quite fascinating for the buyers.

Get Bespoke Style

If you are looking for something bespoke for your home, you can get them easily. A top solid wood furniture manufacturer can provide clients with customized pieces to fulfill their specific requirements and budget.

Durability at Its Best

When comparing the durability and efficiency of a wooden piece or steel or other materials, wood will always be the winner. They last for long periods, almost an entire lifetime of a person. You can see solid wood furniture in your house for generation after generation.

Easy to Maintain

With regular dusting and occasional polishing, you can keep your wooden furniture sets gorgeous. They can shine after every polish, which is not possible with other materials. Hence, you can easily maintain the shine and elegance of your wooden table or chairs without any hassle.

Bosky Furniture is a renowned name in the industry of wood furniture in Kolkata. We are a renowned store with a notable collection of furniture for your entire house.

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5 Latest Color Trends For Your Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

5 Latest Color Trends For Your Modular Kitchen

If you want to replace the old-looking carpenter-made kitchen with a stylish modular kitchen, choose a reputable furniture shop installing modular kitchens. A well-designed and compact kitchen make cooking easier. You can choose from various types of drawers, handles to keep the utensils, pullout trays, dishwasher, dryer system, and storage according to your needs and preferences.

A modernized kitchen will enhance the appeal and value of your kitchen. If you think that white is the ultimate color, it is high time you debunk the myth. Irrespective of the shape of your kitchen or the modular kitchen price, you can choose from the latest color trends. Choose something which will make your kitchen look classic and clean, besides enhancing its visual appeal.

Few Color Trends You Can Choose From For Your Modular Kitchen

Charcoal Grey

If you want to choose a color that will neither be too dark or too pale, charcoal grey will be the perfect shade. The versatile and cool nature of the shade makes it suitable for contemporary or modern kitchens. It offers a bit of drama, so your kitchen looks more dignified. Instead of charcoal grey, you can even choose the grey and white combination.

Modular Kitchen

Black Modular Kitchen

Gone are the days when black modular kitchens were considered to be boring and dark. Choose the shade, and the result might be the opposite. Complete the look with black tiled floors and a black vintage stove. If you don’t like the all-black cooking area, add a few black elements like the backsplash or a sink.

Red Modular Kitchen

Want to choose a color that will personify the hotness of your modular kitchen and enhance its energy quotient? Choose red for the cooking area. Indian homemakers widely prefer the shade as it is vibrant and suits modular kitchens of every shape and size. You can include red cabinets or outline the glass backsplash with this shade.


Blue is always considered a cool color for your modular kitchen because it is filled with life. If you want to feel more energetic in your kitchen, choose this shade. Cool surroundings will also make cooking easier and more relaxing. Blue can also soothe your heart. Visit a reputable kitchen installer, and they will let you choose from various shades of blue.

Butter Yellow

Though a unique shade, you will notice numerous butter-yellow kitchens scattered all over your city. It is widely preferred by those who want to avoid white cabinets but love lighter shades. The color can offer a sunny and charming touch to your cottage-style cooking space. Butter yellow can make any kitchen look spacious and bright.

Since there are so many color trends you can choose from for your modular kitchen, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced kitchen installers at Bosky Furniture.


4 Popular Wooden Furniture Pieces for Living Room

Wooden Furniture

4 Popular Wooden Furniture Pieces for Living Room

Wooden furniture pieces are the best choice when it comes to living room decor. A wooden furniture piece gives a traditional and elegant look to the overall home decor. The styles, colours, and textures of wooden furniture pieces are unbeatable. A living room is a space that is first visible to the guests. Hence, decorate it in a trendy yet classy way.

However, in the urge to make it trendy, don’t end up being discomfort. Apart from wood, there are many other options for living room furniture. However, wooden furniture pieces are reliable, durable, and comfortable.

Some Of The Popular Wooden Furniture Pieces That You Can’t Do Without Are As Follows:

Wooden centre table

A living room without a centre table is incomplete. A centre table is used to serve tea and snacks, keep decorative items, keep readable journals and newspapers, etc. Without a centre table, you’ll not be able to sit around and have a cosy evening discussion in a living room. As the name suggests, the table is generally placed at the centre of the room. Getting a wooden centre table will add a royal look to the living room.

Living Room

Wooden furniture armchair

For those who like to sit and relax with a cup of coffee in the evening, a wooden armchair will be their first choice. They are charming, comfortable, and highly functional. An armchair stacked at the corner of the living room will certainly make your guests envy you. You’ll find a range of armchair designs in different companies. Choose the one that suits the interiors and your taste. This one is a must-keep for you to sit and relax while you entertain your guests.

Wooden book shelve

However, although not an essential piece of furniture, a bookcase adorns the living room’s overall look. While purchasing this, you must consider the sleekest designs that will take up only a little space of the room. A modern bookcase serves the dual purpose of storing books and decorative items. This is an awesome way to flaunt your collection of books to your guests. Moreover, the books will be stored in an organised manner, and hence you won’t have to waste time searching for the same.

Book Selves

Wooden lampstands

Lampstands brighten up the whole decor of the living room. Illumination is a highly important factor in case of brightening up the living room. You’ll get various designs for wooden lamps. Hence match the ones with your interiors and ignite your living room. This lamp transmits comfort and adds warmth to the overall environment of the house.

At Bosky Furniture, you’ll find a range of elegant, contemporary, and stylish range of furniture pieces for your living room. Whether your taste is modern or contemporary, we have all types of designs. You can also ask for bespoke furniture pieces, and our expert carpenters will make them for you.

For an affordable range of best-designed wooden furniture pieces, check our website.


4 Reasons To Buy Solid Wood Furniture For Your Home

Solid Wood Furniture

4 Reasons To Buy Solid Wood Furniture For Your Home

Take a look at a piece of furniture made using the bark of Oak, Pine, Maple, or Cherry tree. And you will definitely love its unique and rich look. No wonder the demand for solid wood furniture has enhanced drastically in the last few years. Visit a reliable furniture manufacturer or Wood Furniture Shop with years of experience offering premium-quality furniture made with solid wood.

Most of the shops provide their customers custom-size furniture according to their requirements. They are quite durable, so you can enjoy them for years to come with minimum maintenance. In addition, their visual appeal can complement both the traditional and contemporary appeal of your interior design.

Few Common Benefits Offered By Solid Wood Furniture

Easy Maintenance Of Solid Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture has high durability and tolerant for refinishing, so maintaining and cleaning them is an easy task. Wood is a solid material. Not only is it easy to work with the material, but you can also maintain the structure and visual appeal of the furniture with little care. Regular wiping with a suitable wood cleaner will make it easier for you to keep the brand new look of your furnishing.

Solid Wood Furniture

Personality Of Solid Wood Furniture

Wood furniture has a natural personality and characteristics. This makes them one of the most suitable materials for homes with luxurious interiors. The one you are buying for your home will highlight its personality. Even if two pieces of furniture made from the same variety of wood looks similar, take a closer look. And you will notice that they have their distinctive wood grain. Even if they show signs of wear and bumps over time, the issue is lighter than today’s materials.

Better Value

The number of people visiting wooden furniture shops in their city is gradually enhancing as solid wooden furniture offers better value for money. When you visit a reputable shop, you can stay assured that you are paying for furniture made with superior quality wood having high durability. People generally don’t change their furniture often, so investing in something durable is highly advisable. It will give you better peace of mind.

Unique And Durable Design

A unique feature of solid wood furniture is that it is passed down from one generation to another because of its solid and durable characteristics. Though the innovative furnishing designs of contemporary furniture can go out of style within the next few years, the visual appeal of your wooden furnishing will stay for years. Therefore, buying them is undoubtedly a long-term investment.

Since there are so many benefits of buying solid wood furniture, it’s time you visit a reputable wood furniture shop like Bosky Furniture. Over the years, they have projected themselves as one of the leading wooden furniture manufacturers in and around Kolkata.


Buying Home Furniture? Reasons To Choose Teak Wood

Teak Wood Bed

Buying Home Furniture? Reasons To Choose Teak Wood

The durability and elegance offered by Segun or teak wood make it one of the most expensive materials for home furniture. The material is widely preferred by homeowners when shopping for interior décor. The natural properties of teak wood render it a unique charm. It is the ideal material when revamping your current furniture or remodeling your outdoor area. Though you can choose from various types of wood, Segun is of the highest quality as it is more flexible and robust. You don’t have to polish or wax it to improve its appearance. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

2 Benefits Offered By Teak Wood Furniture

  • Quality And Price

Some homeowners think that teak wood furniture is beyond their affordability. It is a myth which you should debunk. Though the material is durable and highly prized, every variety of teak is not produced in the same manner. They belong to different grades, ranging from A to C. Grade A teak has the highest oil concentration, making them capable of resisting outdoor elements. It is costlier than Grade C teak.

  • Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of this wood is better than other wood varieties. The straight grain pattern in a rich golden-brown hue makes it more beautiful. They are more fantastic to touch when compared with the newer engineered wood alternatives. Though other hardwood varieties can offer similar strength, teak is more popular because of its aesthetic appeal.

Teak Wood Furniture

2 Common Uses Of Teak Wood

  • Outdoor Furniture

The durability and resilience of teak wood make it ideal for outdoor furniture. The material offers superior durability and strength and can last for decades with zero maintenance in various climates. It has high rubber and oil content, making it resistant to pests, rain, weather, and rot.

  • Indoor Furniture

A unique feature of teak is that you can get back its golden shine, irrespective of how old the furniture is. There are various types of finishers and sealers for teak care and enhancement. The material can control its temperature, so it stays warm during winter and cool during summer. It is an eco-friendly and green building material.

Since there are so many benefits of buying teak wood furniture, it’s time you get in touch with the furniture experts at Bosky Furniture.


What Are The Different Pros And Cons Of Teakwood Furniture?

Teak Wood Furniture

What Are The Different Pros And Cons Of Teakwood Furniture?

Whenever someone talks about wooden furniture, teakwood furniture have a league of its own. Be it for the outdoors or indoor, teak furniture is strong and durable and aesthetically pleasing. Teak is also valuable and is sought after widely for making hardwood flooring across India.  

What is Teak Wood? 

Teak comes from a tree named Tectona Grandis that is native to tropical regions. It grows in South and South East Asia like Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Indonesia and Burma. People also reclaim old teak, which remains in excellent condition and gives new life to furniture.   

Advantages and Disadvantages  

Life any other wood type, teak wood also has its distinct benefits and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss them in details.  

Pros of Teak Wood Furniture  

Durability and Strength  

Teakwood is a highly favoured and popular wood type. Most people prefer using it for their home or office furniture because the wood has strength, sturdiness, and durability. Its wood grain is tight with a high level of oil content. This is how it protects itself against the harsh sun rays and extreme humidity. Solid teak wood furniture lasts for many generations. Moreover, teak does not bend or wrap, nor does it splinter or crack. This adds to the longevity of teak.  


The carpenters use teak to make incredibly versatile furniture. It serves the purpose of dining tables, patio furniture, chairs, bed frames, and other indoor pieces. Teak wood has a natural colour; still, you can paint or polish it, wax and varnish it as per preference and style.   

Teak Wood Bedroom

Resistant to rot and decay 

Since teak wood is rich in natural oil content, it does not seep in excess moisture from the air. It also shows strong resistance against rot, decay, damage or infestation from pests and termites.   

Aesthetic Appeal  

Another significant advantage of purchasing teak furniture is that it enhances the indoor and outdoor decor’s visual appeal. It is one of the most beautiful hardwood, with a graining texture that exudes an attractive outlook. Additionally, with the passing time, it ages well and naturally gets a golden brown hue. No wonder teak furniture adds elegance, extravagance and sophistication wherever placed.  

Cons of Teak Wood furniture  

There are two significant drawbacks to purchasing furniture from teakwood.  

Lack of good quality  

Today, the furniture manufacturers slyly use fake wood in the name of the real ones. Hence, in such an adulterous market, the layman finds it extremely difficult to identify actual teakwood.   

To correctly identify the right kind of teak wood, you should have proficient knowledge about the tree. You can also seek help from experts to identify genuine teakwood furniture and be on the safe side. On the other hand, customers might fail to accurately determine whether they purchase furniture made from natural teakwood or some other hardwood. 

High Cost 

Another prominent drawback of teak is that it has a relatively high cost. If you have a stipulated budget in mind, teak furniture might not be your immediate best option. It is undoubtedly stylish, luxurious and long-lasting, but to buy it, it can burn a big hole in your pocket.  

The main reason behind this price factor is the declining availability of this natural resource. All this has forced the prices to increase dramatically over the years. 

To guarantee genuine teakwood furniture, consult Bosky, who sells authentic and contemporary designed teakwood furniture for their customers. They manufacture sleek and trendy designed stylish furniture for living rooms and bedrooms, ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction.


How To Take Care Of Your Teak Wood Furniture In The Proper Way

Teak Wood Furniture

How To Take Care Of Your Teak Wood Furniture In The Proper Way

Teak wood is one of the most durable and hardest woods available. They are ideal for decks, porches, outdoor patio, and indoor furniture like beds, wardrobe, and so on. The wood is resistant to age and weather. And so, it is a preferred choice for outdoor furniture. Furniture made of teak requires minimal maintenance. However, over the years, the teak finish might get discoloured owing to mildew formation. But if you take regular yet minimal care, the wood will look at its best. The fundamentals of teak wood furniture maintenance are cleaning and oiling the same. 

Cleaning Teak Furniture 

Teak is naturally resistant to rot and mold. However, you can’t avoid the chance of unsightly mold and mildew formation. To remove any stain from the wood, you need the following things:

  • Dish detergent 
  • 1-gallon water
  • 1 cup of bleach
  • Soft-bristled plastic brush
  • Teak cleaner (if available)
  1. Now clear the surrounding space. Make sure your chosen room is well ventilated in case of interior teak wood furniture. You may need to lay down a drop cloth for this purpose. 
  2. Rinse the furniture in case of an outdoor one. You may use a hose for this. But don’t use power wash.
  3. Take a gentle cleaning solution and scrub the furniture softly with it. You can use either a homemade solution or an over-the-counter teak cleaner. For the homemade answer, take a tiny amount of dishwashing detergent and add it to the mixture of 1-gallon water and 1 cup of bleach. Otherwise, use the OTC cleaner. But it would be a bit harsh on both your skin and furniture. But these cleaners are ideal for taking out tough stains from grease. Apply the cleaner with a soft plastic brush to avoid surface damage. 
  4. Let the solution sit for 15 minutes, and then wash it well with water. Now let it completely dry. 

Teak Wood Furniture

Oiling Teak Furniture 

Usually, a combination of linseed or tung oil and solvents is used for oiling teak wood units. Nevertheless, specialized oils protect the furniture from mildew and UV rays and thus prevent patina. For oiling the table, you need to take the following things:

  • Teak oil
  • Sandpaper
  • Bristle brush
  • Lint-free clean cloth
  1. Before you start oiling the wooden furniture pieces, clean them thoroughly and let them dry.
  2. As the next step, use sandpaper to remove previous treatments. Sanding is essential before oiling.  
  3. Now apply a coat of teak oil with a lint-free cloth or a natural-bristled brush. You will get the oil at any reputable teak wood furniture store.
  4. Once applied, wipe off excess oil with a clean cloth. Make sure you take a lint-free cloth. 
  5. Now it’s time to let it dry. It would take around 2 to 4 hours. 
  6. Keep applying coats of oil until it is no longer absorbed into the wood. Usually, it needs 4 to 5 coats of oil. However, it depends on the condition of the wooden unit. 
  7. Apply the oil every two or three months. Before each oil application, the furniture must be cleaned and allowed to be dried. 

So, these are the essential part of taking care of your teak wood furniture. 


The Most Important Factors To Be Considered During Buying Furniture

Home Furniture

The Most Important Factors To Be Considered During Buying Furniture

Whether you want to move to a new home or renovate the old one, you need to make many important decisions. The decision is even more difficult, as it comes to buying home furniture. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

You may feel indecisive. Measuring the space and heading to the store or flipping through the online catalog is not enough. There are many more things that coexist. Well, you shouldn’t rush while shopping for furniture in Kolkata. It is a long-term and expensive investment. Therefore, make a wise and informed decision. 

Factors To Consider For Buying Home Furniture

Here are the things to consider while shopping for the right furniture for your home. Follow thoroughly, and you can surely save plenty of time and potential headaches. 

Ergonomics Is Important For Home Furniture

Don’t go only by the outer look and feel. You should consider the functionality as well. This is the critical step to choosing the ideal pieces of furniture. They should match the wall colors as well as align with your personal choices. The height and structure of the sofa, for example, should provide you with the best and most comfortable seating experience. If you are designing a home office, the chairs must support lengthy working hours. They should also be featured with various adjustment features. Besides, the master chair in the bedroom or the living room must keep the body in the upright position by providing with best back support. Consider the best furniture shop in Kolkata for the correct item. 

Home Furniture

Consider The Proportions, Dimensions, And Size Of The Space 

An alluring furniture catalog can be misleading. You may not get an idea of the precise size and dimensions of the items. This point is significant for online shoppers. Be careful about the dimensions of the products before you make the payment. Always draw up a precise layout to measure the proportions. Visualization is essential to map out and understand how conventional spaces are to be maintained. 

Check The Budget As Well As The Quality Of The Home Furniture 

As already mentioned, you shouldn’t rush for furniture shopping. Go slow and reasonably. Don’t go for any piece that your budget doesn’t allow. Buying furniture by taking a loan is not recommended. Spend an amount that you can comfortably afford. Don’t get lost in enticing colors or designs. Instead, pay attention to the material’s quality – be it wood, foam, wrought iron, leather, or fabric.

Mix And Match Is A Good Idea

While designing a space, don’t just stick to a single shape. Try fusion. Make a creative mix of furniture. Don’t allow a single form to rule over other designs and shapes. If you have a rectangular carpet in the living space, put around art pieces to make the area look composed. Position the items carefully so they don’t disrupt you as your eyes move from one component to another. 

Consider the information described above in mind before heading out for a furniture shop in Kolkata. This will help you create a unique appeal to the space you are designing.