Is Modular Kitchen Good for Small Spaces?

When it comes to designing the layout of a kitchen for a small apartment or house, things become tougher than usual. Smaller spaces have many issues apart from the limitation of the space that can be used to place various kitchen appliances and cabinets. But you can solve this problem with the help of professional modular kitchen experts.

These professionals can design and install modular kitchens at competitive prices according to your requirements for your small home.

Try These Five Tricks for Small Modular Kitchens

L-Shaped Layout

This is the ideal layout design for kitchens with limited space. Two adjoining walls are required for this. These walls must be located at a 90-degree angle from each other. This will allow you to have more flooring space when multiple people use the kitchen at the same time.

Golden Triangle

This particular layout works well with both L-shaped and parallel kitchen designs. The fridge, sink, and oven must be settled within the lines of a triangle to create that golden triangle layout. This will ensure the convenience of using these three most imperative elements in a kitchen within the available space. Even if two people are working together in the kitchen, there is hardly any chance of getting bumped when this golden triangle rule is followed in your modular kitchen layout.

Consider Higher Cabinets

Kitchen objects that you do not use regularly can be kept inside cabinets installed at a height in your kitchen. Ceiling-high cabinets are not only amazing in terms of design, but they are also excellent at saving floor space.

Consider Modular Kitchen

Even if you have plenty of space in your kitchen, modular storage is something you should not ignore. It will not only save space but help you to avoid storage malfunctions inside your kitchen. The objective of modular storage design is to use the maximum space to store the maximum number of objects.

Keep it Bright

Even a small space can be looked spacious and large when you have enough light. So, install large windows and brighter electric lights to keep the modular kitchen airy and brighter to create an illusion of space.

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Try these Budget Friendly Tips to Design a Modular Kitchen

Budget is one of the main factors for interior design. A homeowner searches for every possible avenue to make their home decorative without burning a hole in the pocket. Along with them living space and bedrooms, they have to give more attention to decorating other spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Need for a Modular Kitchen:

A kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in a home. So, while decorating the space, one has to take utmost care in making it functional. A conversation with a qualified interior decorator can help foster smart planning and designing, which can help to revamp the kitchen interiors without extending the budget.

Designing Modular Kitchen in a Limited Budget:

There are various elements of designing a modular kitchen within a limited budget. Those are discussed below in detail.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen: This is one of the basic layouts of a kitchen, which is highly functional and space-saving. It gives the homeowner a lot of space to place different installations, like cabinets, countertops and utensil shelves. Even after so many installations, there would be enough space for other units. These include refrigerators, microwaves and chimneys.
  • Flooring Options: The flooring treatment of the kitchen must be done in a way that reflects the space’s original style. Vinyl is one of the most inexpensive flooring materials. One can switch to this option if they find tile or mosaic flooring too expensive. The
    flooring material should be easy to maintain so that it does not burn a hole in the pocket of the homeowner.
  • Straight Layouts: While decorating a modular kitchen, the size is one of the most important factors. One can utilise the space even in a straight layout. Proper planning is needed to cater spaces for standard installations like shelves, kitchen units and countertops. For decorating the walls, the homeowner can try laminates and edge handles.
  •  L-Shaped Kitchen: For a budget-friendly interior decoration of the kitchen, it is highly important to utilise the space. The available spaces should be decorated in a way that doesn’t look cluttered. An L-shaped kitchen is one of the best ways to obtain that goal.
    One can try different open box shelves, which are economical ways of making the kitchen more functional. For quality finishes, the surfaces can be laminated.

These are some useful advice on decorating a kitchen interior within a limited budget. To get assistance from professionals in this field, one can communicate with Bosky Furniture. We are a leading name in Kolkata that can provide quality solutions in decorating kitchen interiors at the best price. For more information, you can communicate with us today.

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Know The Right Way to Choose Designer Kitchen Cabinets


Know The Right Way to Choose Designer Kitchen Cabinets

Good design and modern accessories are some dominant forces in a modular kitchen. One cannot imagine a modern kitchen design without cabinets. They are extremely beneficial to have in a kitchen as they can store different items.

Importance of Kitchen Cabinets:

While decorating the kitchen, you should give importance to choosing the cabinets. There are several designs and materials that you can try. It is important to select kitchen cabinets that match the theme of a modular setup.

Tips to Select the Right Kitchen Cabinets

If you find it challenging to select the perfect kitchen cabinet, we can help you. In this blog, you can find a number of tips to select the right cabinets. It can help you to set up a modular kitchen in Kolkata. Choosing the right cabinet can ease your organizing work in the kitchen and enhance the aesthetics.

1.Sort Your Appliances: Sorting out the most used appliances is an important step. You should find out the utensils and the kitchen appliances that you use the most. Instruct the designer about the size of your appliances. They can make a kitchen cabinet according to your requirements. Do not clutter your kitchen with many cabinets if you use the same utensils for day to day cooking.

2.Choose Your Theme: Kitchen cabinets can be found in every design. You need to choose one that matches your personal taste. Make sure that the cabinet’s design matches the theme of your interiors. Studying the trends of modern kitchen cabinet designs will be useful before selecting one.

3.Utilize the Space: Kitchen cabinets can take up several appliances and utensils. So it is a great way to utilize the space. Establishing cabinets over the sink or countertop may be a great idea. You can organize a lot of things within a limited space. As a result, your kitchen will wear a dashing look. Before briefing your designers, you should measure the available space.

4.Choose between Drawers and Cabinets: It is a dilemma that most homeowners face. The modern kitchen cabinets often come with drawers to facilitate storage. You should keep in mind that drawers are more expensive than cabinets. Maintaining the drawers is also a bit more challenging than the cabinets. You should make a choice between drawers and cabinets and explain it to the designer.

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Trendy Modular Kitchen Designs and Ideas for Small Spaces

modular kitchen

Trendy Modular Kitchen Designs and Ideas for Small Spaces

Small kitchens might look cramped and disorganized, but you can revamp the space. The key is to implement smart designs to make the space appear bigger. Modular kitchens are, therefore, the best solution for small kitchens with better space utilization. You can get it customized as well by the specialists for the modular kitchen in Kolkata.

Smart Modular Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Small Cabinets
Often, having a small kitchen means that you are forced to cut down and prioritize your other belongings. Since the space is less, you tend to keep your most required possessions and throw away the rest. However, you need not compromise with your needs at all. Installing modular kitchens help you maximize space utilization. You can ask the experts to install small cabinets to organize the space. You can store away all the kitchen possessions inside them and leave space on the worktop. This is how modular kitchens make for the perfect solution for small spaces.

2. Open Shelves
A superior modular kitchen design for small kitchens is to install open shelves. Here, you can keep all your products, so they are within reach. You can conveniently access the items whenever required since they are kept in an open space. The option of open shelving is also inexpensive. You can use them to showcase all the fancy dishware and make the kitchen look welcoming.

3. Pot Racks
More and more homeowners prefer to install pot racks in the kitchen. This is because they look functional, aesthetic as well as beautiful. The kitchen becomes a lot more accessible despite being a small space. Heavy pans and pots take up a lot of space. Hence installing racks over the counter, near the window or stove is the best decision ever.

4. Black Coloured Cabinets
Well, finished black cabinets are a popular choice for small kitchens. They add elegance to the space and brighten up the kitchen area. Besides, you should have bold lighting inside the kitchen. Because eventually, the idea will pay off. When used correctly, you can balance the black with light coloured kitchen interiors.

5. Mirrors
Mirrors are known to reflect light and add the illusion of space. You may have used this principle in your bedroom or living room. Know that it is possible to use this in the kitchen as well. It is bound to add a unique addition to the kitchen. The specialist will help you decide the placement of the mirrors in the kitchen. The space will look organized and unique as well.

6. Glass Doors
Glass doors are an exquisite idea for modular kitchen design. It is ideal for small kitchens since it gives the illusion of the cooking space extending into the living area or dining room. Hence it makes the space appear larger and bigger.

Benefits of Installing Modular Kitchens

  • Cost-Effective Installation
  • Quick Installation
  • Better Space Management
  • Easy Repair and Maintenance
  • Options for Customization and Variation
  • Option for Flexible Remodeling

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