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Try these Budget Friendly Tips to Design a Modular Kitchen

Budget is one of the main factors for interior design. A homeowner searches for every possible avenue to make their home decorative without burning a hole in the pocket. Along with them living space and bedrooms, they have to give more attention to decorating other spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Need for a Modular Kitchen:

A kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in a home. So, while decorating the space, one has to take utmost care in making it functional. A conversation with a qualified interior decorator can help foster smart planning and designing, which can help to revamp the kitchen interiors without extending the budget.

Designing Modular Kitchen in a Limited Budget:

There are various elements of designing a modular kitchen within a limited budget. Those are discussed below in detail.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen: This is one of the basic layouts of a kitchen, which is highly functional and space-saving. It gives the homeowner a lot of space to place different installations, like cabinets, countertops and utensil shelves. Even after so many installations, there would be enough space for other units. These include refrigerators, microwaves and chimneys.
  • Flooring Options: The flooring treatment of the kitchen must be done in a way that reflects the space’s original style. Vinyl is one of the most inexpensive flooring materials. One can switch to this option if they find tile or mosaic flooring too expensive. The
    flooring material should be easy to maintain so that it does not burn a hole in the pocket of the homeowner.
  • Straight Layouts: While decorating a modular kitchen, the size is one of the most important factors. One can utilise the space even in a straight layout. Proper planning is needed to cater spaces for standard installations like shelves, kitchen units and countertops. For decorating the walls, the homeowner can try laminates and edge handles.
  •  L-Shaped Kitchen: For a budget-friendly interior decoration of the kitchen, it is highly important to utilise the space. The available spaces should be decorated in a way that doesn’t look cluttered. An L-shaped kitchen is one of the best ways to obtain that goal.
    One can try different open box shelves, which are economical ways of making the kitchen more functional. For quality finishes, the surfaces can be laminated.

These are some useful advice on decorating a kitchen interior within a limited budget. To get assistance from professionals in this field, one can communicate with Bosky Furniture. We are a leading name in Kolkata that can provide quality solutions in decorating kitchen interiors at the best price. For more information, you can communicate with us today.

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Know 4 Principles of Interior Design before Conducting a Renovation

The reason it is important for you to know certain principles of Interior Design is so that you can integrate your knowledge into your interior design scheme and contribute more fruitfully to the creation of your dream home. A well designed interior augments the visual aesthetics as well as the resale value of your property. Read the following points to know about the basic principles of interior design.

4 Principles: Interior Design in Kolkata

1. Equilibrium

Equilibrium or balance refers to the creation of a visual synchronization in the space that is being worked on, by making sure that the elements constituting the space are distributed evenly. Balance lends your space a sense of symmetry; it can be derived in several forms: for example, with shapes, patterns, colours and textures.

There are three common ways to establish a balance while doing up an interior space. First, there is symmetrical balance, which involves placing objects symmetrically on the two sides of an imaginary central axis. Next, we have asymmetrical balance, which while aligning the visual focus with an imaginary central axis, allows the placement of dissimilar or oddly numbered items. Asymmetrical balance usually imparts a more vigorous and natural vibe. Finally, there is radial balance, which comprises arranging objects in a circle around a central focal point, such as a round dining table or a chandelier.

2. Accord

Accord or the Principle of Unity refers to the desired uniformity or harmony among the elements used in a design. Factors that can contribute to achieving accord or harmony include the use of similar colours, patterns or textures, precise and equal spacing of objects and design elements, and the repetition of these elements to create an optical continuation. Simply put, when objects are vigilantly curated, the viewer gets a sense that the entire design comes together seamlessly. For instance, if your space uses disparate items in a variety of shapes and textures that tug viewers in different directions, unity can still be achieved by, say, the use of a single colour scheme over the large area.

3. Rhythm

Creating a sense of repetition and contrast in an interior leads viewers in a trip of sustained visual interest. There are various ways to instil rhythm, such as using the same pattern or colour in distinct intervals. This is called a repetition rhythm. Rhythms can also be introduced by alternating the use of certain design elements in a manner that can be recognised by the viewer.

4. Accent

This principle, also referred to as Emphasis, posits that every living space should have a central element as a focal point, and all the other peripheral items should complement or cast focus on that central object, which could be a piece of furniture like a piano or a painting or even an accent wall.

Reading this blog would have helped you better comprehend some of the elements at play as you consider conducting a renovation of your home or office space. To accomplish a flawless job within your budget, consult us at Bosky Furniture.

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Top 4 Signs Telling You to Upgrade Your Living Room

The living room is the most interactive space in your house. It is the space where you catch up with your visitors. Selecting quality furniture for your living room is important. It is a controlling factor in setting the room’s vibe.

Why Upgrade Furniture:

Upgrading the furniture can give a refreshing look to your living room. Its aesthetic factor can be highly affected by damaged or outdated pieces of furniture. It is important to check the telltale signs to upgrade your living room as a homeowner.

When to Upgrade Your Living Room Look?

Here are some important signs regarding your living room’s looks that you should definitely note. If you relate to these conditions, get help from well known interior designers in Kolkata.

  • You Didn’t Buy Furniture Recently: Indeed, homeowners do not buy furniture frequently. It is an important investment that costs a lot of money. However, it is important to buy good furniture at a regular interval. The furniture which went out of fashion long ago makes your room look redundant and dull. If you are not planning to buy new furniture, you can freshen the room’s appearance with quality accessories.
  • Your furniture hurts: If you feel pain in your spine each time you sit to watch TV, you definitely need to change the furniture. With years of use, the materials of the furniture can get damaged. It will no longer be comfortable to use. Besides, improper sitting can cause different health problems. To eliminate all these problems, you need to change the accessories and furniture.
  • The Living Room Looks Outdated: This problem can happen if you refurbish your home to a contemporary design. The classical heavy furniture may be a misfit for the modern styled rooms. If you don’t want to get rid of the old furniture, you can apply a classical look. However, it is advisable to change them if they have become damaged.
  • You Host Guests in Other Rooms: Most homeowners prefer to interact with their guests in the living room. However, you may want them to sit at other places for the condition of the furniture and accessories. This is a prominent sign to replace your current furniture immediately.

These signs can alert you to change the furniture and accessories of your home. To get an expert’s opinion on refurbishing your living room decor, connect with reputed interior designers in Kolkata. Consult Bosky Furniture to get the best collection of furniture. We are a source who can reboot the look of your rooms within your budget. Visit our website for more details.

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Know The Right Way to Choose Designer Kitchen Cabinets


Know The Right Way to Choose Designer Kitchen Cabinets

Good design and modern accessories are some dominant forces in a modular kitchen. One cannot imagine a modern kitchen design without cabinets. They are extremely beneficial to have in a kitchen as they can store different items.

Importance of Kitchen Cabinets:

While decorating the kitchen, you should give importance to choosing the cabinets. There are several designs and materials that you can try. It is important to select kitchen cabinets that match the theme of a modular setup.

Tips to Select the Right Kitchen Cabinets

If you find it challenging to select the perfect kitchen cabinet, we can help you. In this blog, you can find a number of tips to select the right cabinets. It can help you to set up a modular kitchen in Kolkata. Choosing the right cabinet can ease your organizing work in the kitchen and enhance the aesthetics.

1.Sort Your Appliances: Sorting out the most used appliances is an important step. You should find out the utensils and the kitchen appliances that you use the most. Instruct the designer about the size of your appliances. They can make a kitchen cabinet according to your requirements. Do not clutter your kitchen with many cabinets if you use the same utensils for day to day cooking.

2.Choose Your Theme: Kitchen cabinets can be found in every design. You need to choose one that matches your personal taste. Make sure that the cabinet’s design matches the theme of your interiors. Studying the trends of modern kitchen cabinet designs will be useful before selecting one.

3.Utilize the Space: Kitchen cabinets can take up several appliances and utensils. So it is a great way to utilize the space. Establishing cabinets over the sink or countertop may be a great idea. You can organize a lot of things within a limited space. As a result, your kitchen will wear a dashing look. Before briefing your designers, you should measure the available space.

4.Choose between Drawers and Cabinets: It is a dilemma that most homeowners face. The modern kitchen cabinets often come with drawers to facilitate storage. You should keep in mind that drawers are more expensive than cabinets. Maintaining the drawers is also a bit more challenging than the cabinets. You should make a choice between drawers and cabinets and explain it to the designer.

To get durable kitchen cabinets from an expert source, contact Boskey Furniture. You can get the best assistance to create a modular kitchen in Kolkata. We enjoy a reputation among our clients for our fine craftsmanship.

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5 Reasons Why Wooden Sofa Is Great For Low Budget Interior Design


5 Reasons Why Wooden Sofa Is Great For Low Budget Interior Design

When it comes to decorating the interiors, you can go all out with ideas. You can explore a number of aesthetic options to create the best look for your room. While trying options, the budget becomes a decisive factor too.

A sofa is Best for Interior Design:

Installing a sofa can be great in designing the living room. It is economical, spacious and comfortable at the same time. When choosing a sofa, you can try out a plethora of options.

Why Wooden Sofas Are the Best Low Budget Interior Design Option?

One of the pocket-friendly choices is to try out a wooden sofa. It is aesthetic, has a traditional look and is durable as well. It can make your living room look stunning. Look at the top 5 reasons to try it as a part of your interior design.

1. Eco-Friendly Option: The raw materials of the wooden sofas can be recycled and reused. While manufacturing, these sofas leave out zero carbon footprint. These sofas also do not contain toxic chemical elements.

2. Easy Maintenance: Keeping the wooden sofas clean is not at all challenging. Wiping the sofa with a piece of dry cloth will keep it clean for a long time. These items also do not capture many dust particles, making them virtually resistant to damages.

3. Varied Options: You can get a number of variations in wooden sofas. Apart from being reasonably priced, they are stylish too. They can match the mood of any interior. From four-seaters to wing chairs, the options are innumerable to choose from. You can also get it in a colour that suits your choice.

4. Trendy Choice: The style and the sustainability features make the wooden sofas a better choice. A wooden sofa adds an element of aesthetics to your room. It is a fashionable and sustainable option, unlike other sofas. You can also add it to a workspace to match a professional look.

5. Extremely Durable: It is the main reason to buy a wooden sofa for your home. It is made of an extremely durable material that can remain in its best condition for a long time. There’s no need for maintaining the looks of the sofa, unlike those made up of leather and foam. It can withstand normal wear and tear and does not get damaged easily.

These reasons are enough to show the convenience of having a wooden sofa. It is a great choice for decorating your room.

You can reach Bosky Furniture to get the best wooden sofa in Kolkata. They are popular as a low budget interior designer. From your living room to the kitchen, you can decorate it all with trendy and durable options.

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Trendy Modular Kitchen Designs and Ideas for Small Spaces

modular kitchen

Trendy Modular Kitchen Designs and Ideas for Small Spaces

Small kitchens might look cramped and disorganized, but you can revamp the space. The key is to implement smart designs to make the space appear bigger. Modular kitchens are, therefore, the best solution for small kitchens with better space utilization. You can get it customized as well by the specialists for the modular kitchen in Kolkata.

Smart Modular Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Small Cabinets
Often, having a small kitchen means that you are forced to cut down and prioritize your other belongings. Since the space is less, you tend to keep your most required possessions and throw away the rest. However, you need not compromise with your needs at all. Installing modular kitchens help you maximize space utilization. You can ask the experts to install small cabinets to organize the space. You can store away all the kitchen possessions inside them and leave space on the worktop. This is how modular kitchens make for the perfect solution for small spaces.

2. Open Shelves
A superior modular kitchen design for small kitchens is to install open shelves. Here, you can keep all your products, so they are within reach. You can conveniently access the items whenever required since they are kept in an open space. The option of open shelving is also inexpensive. You can use them to showcase all the fancy dishware and make the kitchen look welcoming.

3. Pot Racks
More and more homeowners prefer to install pot racks in the kitchen. This is because they look functional, aesthetic as well as beautiful. The kitchen becomes a lot more accessible despite being a small space. Heavy pans and pots take up a lot of space. Hence installing racks over the counter, near the window or stove is the best decision ever.

4. Black Coloured Cabinets
Well, finished black cabinets are a popular choice for small kitchens. They add elegance to the space and brighten up the kitchen area. Besides, you should have bold lighting inside the kitchen. Because eventually, the idea will pay off. When used correctly, you can balance the black with light coloured kitchen interiors.

5. Mirrors
Mirrors are known to reflect light and add the illusion of space. You may have used this principle in your bedroom or living room. Know that it is possible to use this in the kitchen as well. It is bound to add a unique addition to the kitchen. The specialist will help you decide the placement of the mirrors in the kitchen. The space will look organized and unique as well.

6. Glass Doors
Glass doors are an exquisite idea for modular kitchen design. It is ideal for small kitchens since it gives the illusion of the cooking space extending into the living area or dining room. Hence it makes the space appear larger and bigger.

Benefits of Installing Modular Kitchens

  • Cost-Effective Installation
  • Quick Installation
  • Better Space Management
  • Easy Repair and Maintenance
  • Options for Customization and Variation
  • Option for Flexible Remodeling

At Bosky Furniture, we provide an extensive range of modular kitchen solutions. We sell the Ecotech modular kitchen, Cargotech and Innotech modular kitchen products. You can visit the website to know more about the products.

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Few Tips By Interior Designers In Kolkata To Save Money

Solid Wood Furniture

Few Tips By Interior Designers In Kolkata To Save Money

Are you planning to design your dream home but have not yet approached an interior designer because you have a limited budget? It’s high time you debunk the myth that hiring one of these professionals will punch a hole in your pocket. There are numerous interior designers so you can choose one offering the service at a price that suits your budget. It is always advisable to look for one with years of industry presence as they can share few tips to save money when designing the interiors of your home.

Need Interior Designing In Kolkata? Few Tips By Interior Designers To Save Money

1. Use Genuine And Affordable Materials

Unless you have prior experience in sourcing materials for interior designing, ask your designer to do it for you. Most of them have years of industry presence and can suggest the best contractors and sub-contractors providing bulk items at affordable prices. If you are planning to install some equipment in your house, do a bit of research before buying them.

2. Determine The Aesthetic Wisely

Though there are numerous aesthetics for you to choose from, opting for the rustic or industrial design theme is always a wise thing as it makes the end result look purposeful even if you leave the project incomplete. Interior designers prefer including concrete flooring in the design as it not only renders an industrial vibe but is also affordable. Including a loft area will also let you enjoy some extra space.

3. Splurge When Necessary

Even if you have a tight budget, an experienced interior designer in Kolkata can help you decide when to splurge. For example, even though using batting instead of foam insulation can help you save some money, using it while constructing an interior designing element will make it less energy-efficient. Including metal roofs in the design will also generate more noise during rain storms and should be avoided even though they cost less.

4. Choose Smaller Footprint

The cost of designing your home’s interior will be higher if you plan to design a big home. If you don’t have many family members neither planning to start a family soon, opt for a smaller house. Determine the square feet you exactly need and choose an open floor plan. A large island in the kitchen can be used as the dining, living or working space.

Since you now know the various ways interior designers can help you save money, it’s time you get in touch with those at Bosky Furniture.

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What are The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer?

Home Furniture

What are The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer?

A few years back, the idea of hiring an Interior Designer seemed irrelevant and costly for any average homeowner. However, with the rise of low budget interior designers in Kolkata,  people with aesthetic sense in mind are looking forward to hiring experienced interior designers who can help you uncover creative designing solutions for your home interiors. Unlike the myth that interior designing might cost you a fortune,  there is a high probability that you might end up saving your time, money and energy if you hire a professional interior designer in Kolkata.

Do you want to know why? Read on to know more about the benefits of hiring an Interior Designer.

Three Important Reasons Behind Hiring an Interior Designer

1. Cohesive Look for Home Interiors

A skilled interior designer can interpret your ideas and make a tangible design out of them. Unlike novice builders and interior designers can fit all types of designs within the visible amount of space available. They will advise you about the most important spaces within the house to concentrate on designing. Moreover, they will provide you with an interior design that suits your lifestyle and personality.

2. Creative and Affordable Designs

By hiring an interior designer, you can ensure that you do not purchase incorrect furniture spacers and unmatched accessories for your home. a designer will select the correct types of furnishings,  furniture pieces and accessories and place them well within different corners of the house. Thus by entrusting an interior designer with the work, you can peacefully spend your days without bothering about the problems of house decoration.

3. Fast and Effective Delivery

If an interior designer is handling your home decor project, then there is a high chance that the project will get completed before the deadline. Hence if you are in a hurry to move into a new office or home space, hiring a  professional designer can help you set up the place within no time. They think creatively and fast and arrange the whole process within the blink of an eye. 

Authentic and Quality Products

Good interior designers have access to many vendors and custom artisans to create unique designs for your interiors. Moreover, to maintain the reputation, they always deliver quality products that will make your home or office space stand out among the neighbouring premises. Unlike a DIY method, hiring a professional will help you get the best quality products and services within a limited time.

At Bosky Furniture, you’ll get the best quality to customise furniture pieces for the bedroom and modular kitchen and hire experts who can provide you with stylish and creative interior designing services. Check our website for further details.