Buying Home Furniture? Reasons To Choose Teak Wood

Teak Wood Bed

Buying Home Furniture? Reasons To Choose Teak Wood

The durability and elegance offered by Segun or teak wood make it one of the most expensive materials for home furniture. The material is widely preferred by homeowners when shopping for interior décor. The natural properties of teak wood render it a unique charm. It is the ideal material when revamping your current furniture or remodeling your outdoor area. Though you can choose from various types of wood, Segun is of the highest quality as it is more flexible and robust. You don’t have to polish or wax it to improve its appearance. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

2 Benefits Offered By Teak Wood Furniture

  • Quality And Price

Some homeowners think that teak wood furniture is beyond their affordability. It is a myth which you should debunk. Though the material is durable and highly prized, every variety of teak is not produced in the same manner. They belong to different grades, ranging from A to C. Grade A teak has the highest oil concentration, making them capable of resisting outdoor elements. It is costlier than Grade C teak.

  • Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of this wood is better than other wood varieties. The straight grain pattern in a rich golden-brown hue makes it more beautiful. They are more fantastic to touch when compared with the newer engineered wood alternatives. Though other hardwood varieties can offer similar strength, teak is more popular because of its aesthetic appeal.

Teak Wood Furniture

2 Common Uses Of Teak Wood

  • Outdoor Furniture

The durability and resilience of teak wood make it ideal for outdoor furniture. The material offers superior durability and strength and can last for decades with zero maintenance in various climates. It has high rubber and oil content, making it resistant to pests, rain, weather, and rot.

  • Indoor Furniture

A unique feature of teak is that you can get back its golden shine, irrespective of how old the furniture is. There are various types of finishers and sealers for teak care and enhancement. The material can control its temperature, so it stays warm during winter and cool during summer. It is an eco-friendly and green building material.

Since there are so many benefits of buying teak wood furniture, it’s time you get in touch with the furniture experts at Bosky Furniture.