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Best Teak Wood Furniture In Kolkata To Decorate Your Dream House   

Looking for teak wood furniture at an affordable price? We’re the best teak wood furniture shop in Kolkata that offer exceptionally exquisite furniture for your home.

We’re The Best & Most Trusted Teak Wood Furniture Store In Kolkata

Classy and elegant wooden furniture can enhance the overall look of your home. It will provide extreme comfort and make your home look just like heaven! So, if you are looking for the best interior designers in Kolkata to make your home impressive, you’ve come to the correct place.

We're the most trusted Wooden Furniture Shop Kolkata , and we're here to help you make your home a comfortable place to live in! We believe that good design should be accessible to everyone, and that's why we've created a line of beautiful teak wood furniture in Kolkata that's affordable and easy to clean. We believe that everyone deserves great teak wood furniture design and quality in their homes, so we make sure to work with only the best materials, craftsmanship, and designs. We know how much work goes into decorating your home--and we make sure you don't have to worry about anything except enjoying those happy feelings whenever you walk through your front door.

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An Extraordinary Range Of Teak Wood Furniture In Kolkata

Bosky furniture is the best teak wood furniture shop in Kolkata. We provide our customers with high-quality teak wood furniture design at affordable prices. We always strive to exceed expectations by offering an excellent customer service experience.

Buy Best Teak Wood Furniture In Kolkata For Your Home

Being one of the costliest types of wood, people often think that teak wood furniture will be out of their range. This is not true. At Bosky Furniture, we can offer the best teak wood bed price in Kolkata, which is absolutely affordable and reasonable.

We have a wide range of products made of premium teak wood quality. From beds to teak wood table designs– you can obtain a great array of stylish and impressive sets of furniture to improve the look and feel of your home. All our products are proof of flawless craftsmanship. Being the specialist in teak wood furniture shop in Kolkata, we cater to all your bedroom furniture requirements in the best possible manner. You can also get the best quality Burma teak in modular design to match your rich taste.

Our teak wood furniture pieces are specially designed to match modern interiors. However, they look absolutely perfect for conventional homes with traditional interiors as well.

Bosky Furniture is a 100% made-in-India company that offers stunning furniture at reasonable costs. Our low budget interior designers in kolkata can decorate your interiors with sleek and elegant-looking furniture that gives your interior a new look.

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Get Solid Wood Furniture Kolkata At Best Prices | Bosky Furniture

Are you planning to elevate the interiors of your house with a classy collection of solid wood furniture? Although, there are countless options available online, how you can judge the best among all those? Bosky Furniture, therefore offers you the best shopping experience on Solid Wood Furniture Kolkata both online and offline.

We take pride in providing high-quality wooden furniture that not only lasts a long time but also has a classic appeal. If you wish to add warmth, and elegance to your home, our collection is sure to meet your needs. Our website is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a simple and delightful experience when shopping solid wood furniture kolkata online. You may quickly browse through our wide range of furniture and have your chosen items delivered right to your house. However, if you prefer the hands-on experience of visiting a store and seeing the furniture in person, we invite you to our Bosky Furniture Store in Kolkata. Here, you may immerse yourself in a world of exquisite furniture options and enjoy the ease of both on-site ordering and expert advice. Our team is committed to offering specialized support, whether you require suggestions on making the best use of space, coordinating colors, or picking the right design elements. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the satisfaction of discovering furniture that matches your tastes and style.

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Experience Ultimate Comfort With Our Classy Teak Wood Furniture!

We offer the best teak wood furniture price in Kolkata to those who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their living spaces.

Choosing Between Solid Wood Furniture Kolkata & Teak Wood Furniture

You might be wondering which is the best option between solid wood furniture Kolkata and teak wood furniture. Although both pieces of furniture have unique qualities to offer, here are some major differences that might help you decide the best one for your home. 


Solid Wood Furniture Kolkata

  • Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made from any type of solid wood, such as oak, walnut, or pine, sourced from various regions.
  • Solid wood furniture comes in a variety of grain patterns, hues, and textures, providing a wide range of design alternatives to match individual tastes and preferences. 
  • Although solid wood furniture can last a long time, its strength and durability can be affected by particular wood species and construction methods.
  • The cost of solid wood furniture might vary based on the wood used, the level of craftsmanship, and the complexity of the design.

Teak Wood Furniture


  • Teak wood is specifically used to make furniture because it is long-lasting and naturally resistant to deterioration and pests.
  • Teak wood furniture is recognized for its golden-brown color and smooth, polished surface that adds an element of sophistication to any space.
  • Teak wood is renowned for being among the most durable kinds of wood, making it incredibly resistant to decay, termites, and environmental factors.
  • Teak wood furniture is often seen as a premium option and typically costs more because of its remarkable quality and longevity.

Ultimately, the choice between solid wood furniture and teak wood furniture depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. So, make sure to consider your needs and budget limit before making a final decision.

Benefits Of Using Teak Wood Furniture For Home Decoration

When you decide to buy furniture for your beautiful home, the debate of which wooden furniture would come up first in your mind. Although there are different types of wooden furniture, teak wood furniture is the most desirable for furniture making process. This solid wood furniture kolkata is high in demand for its various benefits. It has become one of the most luxurious woods in India to decorate indoors as well as outdoors. Here are all the reasons why you should buy teak wood furniture India.


The biggest benefit of teak wood furniture that is they are strong and highly durable. These woods are obtained from mature trees that have a dense core structure. A teak wood wooden sofa or any other furniture has great strength which makes it ideal for your home.


Changing weather conditions can affect the durability of your wooden furniture. Teak wood furniture has waterproofing abilities that make the furniture moisture-resistant too. This can be an ideal piece of furniture for your outdoor space.

Luxurious Looks

Another benefit of using teak wood sofa set designs and teak wood table top is their elegant look. The wood is golden in color and has a smooth texture. Its natural golden shade enhances the decor of your house and provides it with a luxurious touch.

Termite & Rust Free

Teak wood is not affected by weather which makes it highly durable. It can also protect against termites attack. Another important advantage of choosing teak wood furniture is its rust-free nature. All these factors help wooden furniture to last for a long time.

Easy To Maintain 

Everyone wants to buy furniture that is easy to clean and maintain. Teak wood furniture is easy to maintain for its environment-friendly nature. You can just wipe down the dust with a soft and dry cloth. Hence, buying this furniture from a trusted teak wood furniture shop in Kolkata is worth investing.


Teak wood is a sustainable choice for furniture as it is harvested from responsibly managed plantations. By choosing teak furniture, you contribute to the preservation of forests and support eco-friendly practices.

Why Choose Us To Buy Quality Teak Wood Furniture In Kolkata?

We believe responsible furniture dealers in Kolkata can sell high-quality products at fair prices by reducing their overhead and spending.
Our USP (unique selling proposition) is modern design teakwood furniture which is sleek in design, trendy in look but lifelong durable. The concept is Just like old wine in a new bottle.
We have huge experience and proficiency behind our name in designing the most stylish and best wooden furniture in Kolkata for the living rooms and bedrooms of our clients.
Bosky furniture is the offspring of Annapurna Furniture which was founded in 1977 and most of the best, most skilled, and most experienced carpenters and employees now work for Bosky Furniture.
We are the best interior designer in Kolkata because we have our own manufacturing set up, so we can make at low-cost interior design and we have multiple furniture showrooms in Kolkata so it is easier to give quick after-sales service

- We have easy EMI options at 0% interest rate
- We are 100% Made in India
- We are best modular kitchen manufacturer in Kolkata
- We are best wooden furniture manufacturer in Kolkata
- We are best teak wood furniture manufacturer in Kolkata
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Read What Our Clients Say About Our Teak Wood Furniture

Here are some words of praise spoken by our respected customers who have been satisfied with our highly durable wooden furniture and customer service.

  • The experience with Bosky interiors, Hiland Park store has been really good. I must appreciate there work and on-time handover with a top notch quality work. They proved their German machine finish work. The edge of the shutters are nice and smooth exactly what I expected. Highly recommending others to choose Bosky interiors.

    Jyotibrota Acharya
  • Bosky Interior Hiland park under the leadership of Prodip and Indra has provided a phenomenal interior service to us. As you know, Any kind of service has few phases, They have done great job in all of them during the interior design of our flat, starting from Advisory, to design with innovation, to build and finally the maintenance. I admire their sense of responsibility. Prodip and Indra are now my go to persons for any other problems/services in the ecosystem. I will look forward working with Bosky in the future whenever I get an opportunity next. I wish all my best wishes to entire Bosky team, let the name and fame flourish more and more in the coming days. Strongly recommended 👍👍👍

    Shukla Dey
  • I called Bosky Interior to design my apartment. I hire them because of their reviews. Many people called them the “best interior designer in Kolkata”. So, I decided to assign them for my modular kitchen work initially and they proved it. I was very impressed with their beautiful design concepts and high-quality execution. Then I assigned the whole rest interior job. Thanks to Prodip for this kind of quality work and supportive nature. Highly recommended.

    Paulami Dey
  • I am very much satisfied with our first deal with Bosky Furniture,Hiland Park. We ordered a customized Wardrobe cum dresser & it's matched our expectations. It looks very much elegant & their carpenters are very much professional about their work.. Special thanks to their Store in charge Mr Rajarshi Ghosh, he guided us very well..

    Dipanjan Das
  • We did our Modular kitchen from Bosky. Before finalizing Bosky we did a some research with other vendors available in and around providing same service. Bosky came up with the shortest time period for completion and installation process as we were already staying in tht flat so tht was our priority. Costing was competitive. We made many changes at the last moment for which they accepted everything without creating any fuss. After completion we all were super happy and satisfied to see the final kitchen design. And after few months we faced some issues with screw tht too was also taken care and repaired by their team within one complain. the carpenter , store guy to thr owner everyone is well behaved and professional.

    Aditi Ghosh
  • Great experience with the team of Bosky Furniture. The finishing of their work is commendable! They did an amazing interior work at my house and I just loved it. I would highly recommend them for any interior work.

    Indranil haldar
  • Good experience with Bosky furniture. Got a bookshelf and mandir done. Met the expectations. Had got the interior of our flat done by them earlier and the work was quite impressive.

    Rituparna Duttagupta
  • Recently I have done my whole interior work including 3 bedrooms , 1 living and 1 kitchen. First of all I want to thanks the technicians and design team of Bosky for such wonderful job and finishing of work. i am really satisfied with your transparency, service and products quality. I personally recommend everyone including my friends and relatives. Thanks Bosky.

    Abhirup Sinha
  • Very satisfying experience. Detailed design explained by designer Pratik and also he tried to be very nuch within mu budget. Thanks to the team for such a clear demonstration and execution of my bedroom interior. Found excellent craftsmanship too. I have placed order of rest interior of my apartment.

    Sujata Adak
  • Bosky Interior is the best and affordable interior designer in Kolkata. They did an outstanding job to design and executing my home. I designed my bedroom with them & they give me premium quality design as well as execution. I am really happy and satisfied with their work. Thank you team Bosky Interior to give this kind of quality work. Highly recommended.

    Ayan Paul

Frequently Asked Questions About Teak Wood Furniture In Kolkata

Are you planning to buy a teak wood wooden sofa set or bed? Here is a list of a few mostly asked questions about teak wood furniture price and the best place to buy. Contact us if you have further search queries!

What Is The Average Price Of Teak Wood Furniture In Kolkata?

The average price of teak wood furniture in Kolkata is between Rs.2000 to Rs.3600 per cubic foot.

What Makes Teak Wood Furniture So Unique?

The highly durable nature and waterproof quality of teak furniture make it a perfect choice for home decoration.

How Long Should Teak Furniture Last?

Teak wooden furniture is incredibly strong and can last up to more than 75 years.

Which State Is Famous For Teak Wood?

Madhya Pradesh is the Indian state which produces the largest teak woods from its teak forests.

Does Teak Wood Need Furniture Require Maintenance?

The best part about a teak wood bed, sofa, or chair is it requires very little maintenance. You can remove the dirt from a mild solution of soapy water.

What Is First Quality Teak?

It is also known as Grade A Teak and is generally obtained from the heart of the tree. The first quality teak has a honey color, glossy shade, and high durability.

How To Find The Best Teak Wood Furniture Shop In Kolkata?

You must browse online and check the reviews and ratings of top kolkata furniture stores. Also, make sure to check the kind of products they are providing. Compare their prices and go for the one that provides high-quality furniture and the best customer service.

What To Look For When Buying Teak Furniture?

You must choose furniture made of Grade A Teak because it is a high-quality wood that lasts for a long time and is glossy in color.

Why Is Teak Furniture So Valuable?

Teak furniture adds a class to your home decor and also does not corrode like other materials.

Does Teak Wood Furniture Break Easily?

No, teak wood is a very strong material and its protective oils make it resistant to natural decay, warping, or splitting caused by humidity in the air.

Is Teak Wood Furniture Weather Proof?

Yes. Teak wood furniture is highly resistant to rotting, and acid damage.

Is Teak Furniture Good For Winter?

You can use teak furniture throughout the year because it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Is Teak Wood Furniture Pest Resistant?

Yes. Teak wood is fully resistant to termites attack, making it the best option for home furniture.