Teak Wood Furniture

What Are The Different Pros And Cons Of Teakwood Furniture?

Whenever someone talks about wooden furniture, teakwood furniture have a league of its own. Be it for the outdoors or indoor, teak furniture is strong and durable and aesthetically pleasing. Teak is also valuable and is sought after widely for making hardwood flooring across India.  

What is Teak Wood? 

Teak comes from a tree named Tectona Grandis that is native to tropical regions. It grows in South and South East Asia like Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Indonesia and Burma. People also reclaim old teak, which remains in excellent condition and gives new life to furniture.   

Advantages and Disadvantages  

Life any other wood type, teak wood also has its distinct benefits and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss them in details.  

Pros of Teak Wood Furniture  

Durability and Strength  

Teakwood is a highly favoured and popular wood type. Most people prefer using it for their home or office furniture because the wood has strength, sturdiness, and durability. Its wood grain is tight with a high level of oil content. This is how it protects itself against the harsh sun rays and extreme humidity. Solid teak wood furniture lasts for many generations. Moreover, teak does not bend or wrap, nor does it splinter or crack. This adds to the longevity of teak.  


The carpenters use teak to make incredibly versatile furniture. It serves the purpose of dining tables, patio furniture, chairs, bed frames, and other indoor pieces. Teak wood has a natural colour; still, you can paint or polish it, wax and varnish it as per preference and style.   

Teak Wood Bedroom

Resistant to rot and decay 

Since teak wood is rich in natural oil content, it does not seep in excess moisture from the air. It also shows strong resistance against rot, decay, damage or infestation from pests and termites.   

Aesthetic Appeal  

Another significant advantage of purchasing teak furniture is that it enhances the indoor and outdoor decor’s visual appeal. It is one of the most beautiful hardwood, with a graining texture that exudes an attractive outlook. Additionally, with the passing time, it ages well and naturally gets a golden brown hue. No wonder teak furniture adds elegance, extravagance and sophistication wherever placed.  

Cons of Teak Wood furniture  

There are two significant drawbacks to purchasing furniture from teakwood.  

Lack of good quality  

Today, the furniture manufacturers slyly use fake wood in the name of the real ones. Hence, in such an adulterous market, the layman finds it extremely difficult to identify actual teakwood.   

To correctly identify the right kind of teak wood, you should have proficient knowledge about the tree. You can also seek help from experts to identify genuine teakwood furniture and be on the safe side. On the other hand, customers might fail to accurately determine whether they purchase furniture made from natural teakwood or some other hardwood. 

High Cost 

Another prominent drawback of teak is that it has a relatively high cost. If you have a stipulated budget in mind, teak furniture might not be your immediate best option. It is undoubtedly stylish, luxurious and long-lasting, but to buy it, it can burn a big hole in your pocket.  

The main reason behind this price factor is the declining availability of this natural resource. All this has forced the prices to increase dramatically over the years. 

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